One-trip temperature data logger 

The compact and easy-to-use disposable PicoLite USB data logger provides a simple solution for temperature monitoring, throughout mass transportation cold chain processes.
Featuring a built-in temperature sensor, activation button,bi-color LED and direct USB connectivity, the PicoLite offers a plug and record solution for every application. The PicoLite is configured by fourtec’s intuitive DataSuite software, offering comprehensive data analysis features and alarm notifications.

  • Low cost, one-trip, disposable logger for an unbroken cold chain
  •  Unique Boomerang feature that automatically creates and emails PDF data report when logger is connected to PC
  • nternal, high accuracy temperature sensor
  • Direct USB interface for PC communication
  • 16,000 sample memory accommodating long-distance transports
  • Supported by the complimentary DataSuite software for data analysis and alarm notification
  • 6-months battery life at one minute sampling
  • Software-enabled activation button to start/stop logging and mark time stamps
  • Water and dust resistant Built-in bi-color LED for logging and immediate alarm indication




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