Digital pressure sensor













Major features

*Ideal for a wide range of applications of gas, liquid, and oil.  
 (Except for SUS316L corrosive environment)
*Enhanced environmental resistance with diaphragm
*1/2,000 high resolution for indication
*Hold/Auto shift input function 
(Available with PSAN-LH models only (Hold/Auto shift input support type))
 -Hold function : A function to hold PV and Control output while input signal is provided
 -Auto shift function : A function to compensate the judgment level by the amount that the reference pressure is changed using external input signal if the reference pressure of the device changes
*2 independent outputs and NO/NC output selectable
*Forced-output mode embodied for easy operation test and monitoring
*One-touch connector type for easy maintenance
*Analog output (1/2,000 resolution, voltage : 1-5V, current : 4-20mA)
*Zero-point adjustment function, peak monitoring function, and
chattering prevention function


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